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mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014

How to Convert Miles in meters with EXCEL

In Excel, you can convert miles into meters. 
To convert miles into feet on EXCEL, proceed as follows: 

1) Position the cursor in the box where we want to get the conversion of Miles in meters, use the CONVERT function, written as Nb, the number of miles to be converted, for example, "1", indicating from_unit "me" (ie miles) and A_misura "m ", (ie meters).

2) The function gives us the result, which is 1,609 meters, and then we got the conversion to meters of a mile, where we recall that "I" stands for millet and "m" for meters.

3) Clearly, we can point to instead of "1" any number of miles to get the corresponding meters, such as 100, and if we divide the result by 1000 (adding to the formula / 1000) we get the miles (kilometers) matching. 

So 100 miles is equal to 160.93 km, a simple and fast conversion.