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mercoledì 11 dicembre 2013

How to create schedule in EXCEL - How to manage appointments with EXCEL - Calendar appointments and deadlines with EXCEL

n EXCEL you can create an agenda for managing appointments and deadlines.

How to create an agenda in EXCEL, how to create a timetable in EXCEL, here are the details:

1) We create our agenda for appointments or deadlines, first write the first date that we are interested in such a Monday January 2nd, 2012.

2) We format our custom date so you can see also the day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.), clicking the mouse right button and choose "Format Cells" as in the example below.
3) Then select the box with the date and the one beside it, to which we put the edges and copy it down by clicking on the lower right corner and dragging down until you get the entire week from Monday to Sunday.
4) Now we color green on Saturday and Sunday in order to better highlight the weekdays. 
5) Select the entire week including the right boxes and clicking on the lower right of the selection drag down at will for several hundred lines.
6) In this way EXCEL creates many weeks after the first, all with the same formatting and on Saturday and Sunday evidenziari, if you drag to draw many lines we can also create the agenda for a number of years in one shot.
7) Now, we put in correspondence with the first Monday in the left box the number 1 to indicate that this is our first week of our agenda.
8) select the boxes by the number 1 including up to one side of the first Sunday, and then go as usual on the lower right and click and drag down.
9) In this way, every Monday for the following weeks is numbered in a progressive manner. 
10) Now we need to insert a control arrows for quick selection of weeks, from the paper "Development" and the "Insert" tab, select the arrows to control them and create one in the lines that we left on top of our agenda.
11) We click on the arrows to control with the right mouse button and choose "Format Control".
12) to choose from that number (1) and up to reach that number (300), and we indicate on which box to get the result of our selection with the control arrows.
13) Next to the arrows controls we have created a table which indicate the seven days of the week for four weeks, one below the other.
14) So in the first box of our table we write our formula "CERCAVERTICALE", where we look for in columns "A" and "B" on Monday of the week corresponding to the selection made with the arrow.
That is, if we have selected with the arrow 1 CERCAVERTICALE we will find the formula which is the Monday of the week one (it is January 2, 2012), if we change the selection you will find the Monday of the new week selected, and so on.
15) So the formula looks in columns A and B which is the Monday corresponding to the selection made with the arrow.
16) In the cell next to the one containing the formula CERCAVERTICALE, just write a simple formula, that is to say that the contents of the cell must add 1 side, so we wrote on the box next to the one found by the formula, namely Tuesday.
17) In the box under the first date you need to write unaltro CERCAVERTICALE, but where it says to look in columns BC date above and then get the comments written on the side.
This formula goes then copied over all other boxes heavenly.
18) Instead of the pink boxes where we want to be written dates, just use simple formulas that add 1 to the previous box below to get all the dates after the first Monday in the first box got pink.
19) Now we have to write our appointments or deadlines our agenda below.
Next to the date that interests us write our comments to reminders
20) Finally now appear in our list all appointments and deadlines of the dates indicated in the table.
21) If you click on the arrows to control but we can select another Monday and the table automatically updates and shifts all the comments on the new dates.
We can repeat the selection with the arrow keys to control both forward and back as many times as we want.
This table style and Planning is very useful printable and provides us with a schedule of appointments or deadlines for a time frame of 4 weeks.
Clearly, everything works and it makes sense if we have the foresight to update the agenda below and print the weekly schedule that comes with it.