mercoledì 11 dicembre 2013

How to create a fund with revenue expenditure and balance in EXCEL

With EXCEL is very easy to create tables of calculation, a classic case is that of a revenue expenditure and balance with automatic, here's how to proceed: 

1) First, create the table with the fields we are interested in the green boxes to choose the date format (see HERE how to format the box) 

2) We must now write a formula that automatically updates the balance, so for the first box should do the subtraction between "E7" less "F7", ie OUTPUT REVENUE less. 

3) In the box below we copy the formula, which will be the same but with references rightly changed automatically by the system, ie less E8 F8, to which, however, add + G7. 
In this way the formula makes the subtraction of the revenue less outputs by adding the previous balance to obtain the current balance updated. 

Because the formulas are not locked, but they have relative references without $, just copy them down as to always have available the updated balance progressive.